About CDx Engage:

The precision medicine field relies on collaboration in order to bring diagnostic-enabled therapeutics to market.

The mission of CDx Engage is to focus on the most challenging problems facing every aspect of the industry and uniting high-level decision makers from biopharma through a range of platforms, including market insights, tailored meetups, and our digital series to bring clarity to the companion and diagnostic industry to make sure you stand out from your competitors.

With this in mind, we are committed to providing actionable insights and opportunities so you can make a difference in your target market while building the connections, collaborations, and competitive advantage you need to position and align your company for commercial success. CDx Engage is designed to bring value to the biopharma and diagnostic community by creating moments of opportunity to engage prospects on a year-round basis and with the multi-channeled dynamism required to be the partner of choice.

Everything you read, watch and experience will truly help you gain better insight and ultimately help drive forward the precision medicine community together.



Position yourself at the forefront

Market research is at the core of all expertise, and it is what makes a product stand out in the crowd. To put you at the forefront of the field, CDx Engage provides strategic and tactical intelligence by harnessing our know-how gathered over the past 9 years.



Strengthen your connections

CDx Engage offers bespoke physical and virtual events. Through a variety of mediums, these events provide an opportunity to strengthen your connections with the most influential in the field, demonstrate multiple business capabilities and build year-round traction for your solutions.



Connect only with viable prospects

Partnership is the heartbeat of the diagnostic industry. From big partners to novel technologies and the next generation of providers, CDx Engage profiles both biopharma and diagnostic companies, giving you the power to assess the landscape and connect with only the most viable prospects.

Meet the Team:

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