Advancing LBx Clinical Utility & Global Commercialization


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Guardant Health

Guardant Health

Workshop Summary

Liquid biopsies have attracted considerable attention as potential diagnostic, prognostic, predictive, and screening assays in oncology.

Clinical-translational studies are needed to establish the diagnostic accuracy and clinical utility of liquid biopsy biomarkers. Investigators must fully consider relevant pre-analytical variables, assay sensitivity, bioinformatics considerations as well as the clinical utility of rare event profiling in the context of the normal blood background.

This exclusive workshop will bring together leading experts to provide you with an outlook on the clinical disruption brought by LBx and the commercial strategies to impact patient care globally, from biopharma and translational medical centre perspectives.

Join us to discover:

  1. An LBx Outlook: Clinical Trials & Innovation Needs

The objective of this panel is to review and discuss the latest trends in oncology trials and potential applications for liquid biopsy to solve current clinical challenges, such as the use of molecular response to monitor progression in late-stage disease. Our expert panelists will discuss unmet clinical and diagnostic needs, as well as the potential of LBx to provide a solution. Our session will include a presentation, a panel discussion with Dr. John Strickler (Duke University), Dr. Aleix Prat (Clinical and Provincial Hospital of Barcelona), Robert Doebele (Rain Therapeutics)  and Philip Mack (Mount Sinai) and will conclude with an interactive Q&A with our audience.

  1. ctDNA Molecular Response for the Prediction of Patient Outcomes

Clinical data supporting the association of early ctDNA dynamics with patient outcomes, known as molecular response, have been published across solid tumors and therapy types. We will summarize the existing literature on molecular response and explore emerging clinical trial use cases. Our session will consist of a presentation from Carin Espenschied (Guardan Health) and an interactive Q&A with our audience.

  1. Global Commercialization Strategies for CDx

The need for CDx commercialization to address global markets is critical to the success of precision therapeutics. The objective of the panel is to review and discuss the main drivers and success factors to effectively launch a Liquid Biopsy CDx and the different commercialization approaches for a co-launch on a global scale. Our experts panelists will discuss the prioritization of geographies, distribution models and underlying drivers to a successful liquid biopsy CDx launch. Our session will include a presentation from Sanket Agrawal (Amgen), a panel discussion with Sanket Agrawal, Hakan Sakul (Pfizer), Daniel Simon (Guardant Health) and Zach Brohawn (Astra Zeneca), and will conclude with an interactive Q&A with our audience.



As with all CDx Engage events, these deep-dive workshops are free to attend with places subject to our partner’s final approval.