Labcorp Oncology Engager - Agenda

Risks, Dead-ends & Avoidable Delays: Optimising Preclinical Planning and Biomarker Targets to Maximise Clinical Development in Immuno-Oncology

10:00 am Welcome to the Labcorp Oncology Engager

10:10 am With the End in Mind – The Importance of an Integrated Preclinical & Clinical Approach

  • Bruce Hamilton Director of Biopharmaceutical Development, Labcorp Oncology


• The importance of clearly defined CDP in informing preclinical planning and execution in the Immuno-Oncology space
• Key lessons learned in de-risking through “end-in-mind” approach into the clinical space

10:40 am Trial Design & Biomarker Patient Selection Driving Faster Decision Making in Immuno-Oncology


• Translating the understandings in the preclinical space into clinical development
• Learn how to optimise Go / No-Go for Immuno-Oncology agents in the preclinical space

11:10 am Q&A

  • Kenneth Morrison Vice President, Regional Oncology Growth, Labcorp Oncology
  • Bruce Hamilton Director of Biopharmaceutical Development, Labcorp Oncology
  • Kamal Veer Saini Executive Medical Director, Oncology, Labcorp Oncology
  • Paul Baldrick Executive Director, Nonclinical Regulatory Strategy, Product Development and Market Access Consulting, Labcorp Oncology


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11:30 am End of the Labcorp Oncology Engager


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