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Enabling Robust, Automated Biomarker Screening Using a Highly Multiplexed No-Wash Immunoassay

This Engager ran on Thursday November 4, 2021 | 8:00am PDT | 11:00am EDT

Enabling Robust, Automated Biomarker Screening Using a Highly Multiplexed No-Wash Immunoassay

Welcome to the Abcam Engager, an invitation-only event providing high throughput screening, biomarker assays and imaging experts in the life science industry with the opportunity to explore the different ways a highly robust HTS multiplex immunoassay can improve your screening activities.

Join this exclusive Engager to find out how these HTS multiplexed immunoassays can cost effectively help improve data quality. Real-world examples of the advantages of using highly multiplexed no-wash immunoassays will be discussed and how their use can lead to reproducible and reliable data.

What Will You Learn?

  • How processing large sample numbers in a higher plex format impact decision making
  • How to select a robust assay format for running a multiplex biomarker screening in a high-throughput, automated workflow
  • What key technical issues we need to overcome to run successful HTS multiplex immunoassays, enhancing the drug discovery process



This event has been tailor-made for Heads, Directors and Team Leaders of biopharma companies and research organizations working with HTS assays and high content imaging to get a better understanding of a new approach to running highly multiplexed immunoassays to optimize their process of early drug discovery and compound identification.

A crucial date in industry leaders’ calendar, this unmissable Engager is your definitive platform designed to understand how to improve compound decision making and drug discovery findings.


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