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Engage offers bespoke meet ups tailored so audience curation can meet your specific business objectives. These informal and exclusive networking events provide opportunities for you to engage attendees by demonstrating your business capabilities, then strengthen and form new connections with the most influential in the industry.

Whether in person, or virtual, these are key opportunities to increase visibility of your capabilities, gain a foothold in the market or continue impressing your customers.

April 2022

Welcome to the Illumina Engager, an exclusive event providing senior leaders in biotechs with the opportunity to explore how precision medicine with genomics is poised to be the next frontier to achieve clinical success in oncology.

This is your chance to discover how to improve patient adoption of precision oncology therapeutics and how to bridge the different ecosystems across the cancer care continuum, from early innovation all the way to patient care.

Join this Engager to connect and network over a few appetizers and drinks with Directors, Heads & C-Level Executives within the translational medicine and clinical development arena. Share your goal of improving health outcomes in oncology and support one another in developing the next generation of oncology therapeutics.

June 2022

This is an exclusive event created to provide senior pharma leaders with the opportunity to hear from fellow pharma stakeholders and researchers on how they are using circulating tumor DNA (ctDNA) to optimize and accelerate oncology therapeutic development.

Join us for an insightful panel discussion among pharma Directors, VPs and Functional Heads within the translational, clinical development, and diagnostics arenas, and connect over a few appetizers and drinks!

September 2022

October 2022

27590- Guardant Health H2 Engager

More exciting updates coming soon!