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The below events are covered in the Biomarkers and Diagnostics portfolio of Hanson Wade and CDx Engage.

September 2020


Uniting biomarker, translational, clinical, diagnostic and commercial thought leaders, the Digital Clinical Biomarkers & World CDx meeting will address key questions raised following the rapid COVID-19 response and delivers exciting case studies from pioneering teams in personalized therapeutics.

With three days dedicated to help you overcome your most pressing challenges, ensure you are here for conversations with pharma on the COVID response, the rise of T-cell based therapeutics in personalized medicine and exciting case studies spanning early studies to delivering commercial strategies.

Helping you expedite end-to-end drug development; this is not a conversation to miss. View more here...

February 2020

4th Liquid Biopsy for Precision Oncology Summit

10-12 February, 2020

The 4th Liquid Biopsy for Precision Oncology Summit brought together biopharma, clinical and diagnostic teams looking to drive clinical adoption and finally push through the barriers to radically improve patient outcomes. An end-to-end conversation tackling everything from pre-analytical steps to expediting your product’s commercial success, this was the must-attend meeting for advancing liquid biopsy candidates into a commercial and clinical reality.

If you are dedicated to developing fluid-based biomarkers and therapeutics to advance precision medicine, this is the place to be. Join your peers in streamlining drug development timelines, improving the clinical applications of liquid biopsies and maximizing patient adoption of your therapeutic.

Speakers included; Christina Bender, PhD, Exploratory Biomarker & Oncology Commercialization Lead, Bristol-Myers Squibb; Yan Li, Director, Oncology Biomarker Strategy, Bayer; Lauren Leiman, Executive Director, BloodPAC; Sarah Paul, Principal Scientific Researcher & Biomarker Lead, Genentech

September 2019

10th Clinical Biomarkers & World CDx Summit 2019

9-12 September, 2019

Returning for the 10th year, Clinical Biomarkers & World CDx Boston was there to enhance the translation and clinical validation of novel predictive biomarkers and maximize access and adoption of Dx-enabled therapeutics.

Built for the entire precision medicine industry, from pharma and biotech to Dx, HCPs, regulators and payers, Clinical Biomarkers & World CDx Boston covered the end-to-end the translation, clinical implementation, and commercialization of a biomarker strategy to increase market penetration and share. Ultimately, the meeting is here to turn biomarker R&D innovation into better utilization of Dx testing in healthcare – to provide patients with the right treatment decision and most effective therapies at the right time.

Speakers included; Kate Haviland, Chief Operating Officer, Blueprint Medicines; Shirin Khambata Ford, Head, Precision Medicine, Clinical Biomarkers & Companion Diagnostics, Daiichi Sankyo; Emmanuelle di Tomaso, Head, Biomarkers Oncology, Bayer; Jaya Goyal, Vice President, Bioanalytical, Pharmacology & Biomarker Development, Wave Life Sciences

June 2019

Biomarkers & Diagnostics for Complex & Rare Diseases Summit 2019

19-20 June, 2019

The inaugural Biomarkers & Diagnostics for Complex & Rare Diseases Summit will focus on discovery, translational, clinical and commercial barriers to advancing the application of biomarker-driven and Dx-enabled therapeutics in a range of complex and rare diseases.

Showcasing innovations in technologies for discovering and translating novel predictive biomarkers and the utilization of diagnostics as management tools for patient care.

Speakers included; Michael Kiebish, Chief Precision Medicine Officer & Vice President, Systems Medicine, Berg Health;
Michelle Mielke, Professor, Epidemiology& Neurology, Mayo Clinic; Kenneth Rhodes, Chief Scientific Officer, Yumanity Therapeutics; Gabriel Cohn, Vice President & Clinical Development Lead, AvroBio; George Bashirians, Senior Director & Diagnostics Lead, Pfizer

April 2019

10th Clinical Biomarkers & World CDx Europe Summit 2019

15-17 April, 2019

The 10th Clinical Biomarkers & World CDx Europe 2019 Summit is the definitive platform for biomarker, translational, diagnostic and precision medicine executives to discover, translate and clinically validate robustly predictive biomarkers and maximise the commercialisation, access and adoption of drug-Dx products.

Speakers included; Gerard Sanderink, Global Head, Biomarkers & Clinical Bioanalysis, Sanofi; Loukas Moutsianas, Head, Bioinformatics Research Services, Genomics England; Sarah Byron, Associate Director, NICE Diagnostics Assessment Programme, NICE; Hugues Malonne, Director General, Post-Authorization, Federal Agency for Medicines and Health Products

February 2019

Precision LBx 2019

19-20 February, 2019

With the precision medicine focus rapidly shifting to the development of accessible, biofluid-based biomarkers, the 3rd Annual Precision LBx Summit will unite liquid biopsy trailblazers to tackle challenges in sensitivity and reliability to advance the clinical utility of liquid biopsies.

Exploring a multitude of biomarkers from CTCs and ctDNA to RNA and exosomes, this summit will advance the industry applications of liquid biopsies for oncology and chronic disease through a multitude of CSF, urine and plasma-derived biomarkers.

Speakers included; Stuart Martin, Professor of Physiology, University of Maryland School of Medicine, Greenebaum Comprehensive Cancer Center; Razelle Kurzrock, Murray Professor of Medicine, Senior Deputy Center Director, Clinical Science, Director, Center for Personalized Therapy & Clinical Trial Office, Chief, Division of Hematology & Oncology, University of California San Diego; Jean-Francois Martini, Senior Director, Translational Oncology Lead, IO-EDTO Group, Global Product Development, Pfizer

October 2018

9th Clinical Biomarkers & World CDx Summit 2018

2-5 October, 2018

The 9th Clinical Biomarkers & World CDx Boston 2018 Summit was once again the home for the biomarker, translational and diagnostic community to accelerate the translation from exploratory biomarker into clinically validated signature and ultimately a proven, predictive IVD.

As the place to be for the precision medicine field, Clinical Biomarkers & World CDx Boston covers end-to-end the development, clinical implementation and commercialisation of a biomarker strategy to increase market penetration and market share for a targeted therapeutic. Ultimately, the meeting is here to streamline the path from R&D to providing patients with the right treatment decision and most effective therapies at the right time.

Speakers included; Roy Beveridge, CMO, Humana; Joshua Bilenker, President & CEO, Loxo Oncology; Terri Ozegovich, Commercial Head US, Oncology Companion Diagnostics, AstraZeneca; Eric Yang, Vice President, Bioanalysis, Immunogenicity & Biomarkers, GSK

May 2018

9th Clinical Biomarkers & World CDx Europe Summit 2018

1-3 May, 2018

The 9th annual Clinical Biomarkers & World CDx Europe Summit was the European home for much need clarity for pharmaceutical, biotech, healthcare and diagnostic leaders in the precision medicine industry. The event also provided the insight needed to successfully validate and apply patient stratifying biomarkers to boost the approval, launch and adoption of targeted therapies.

New for 2018 included; One stream dedicated for translational and biomarker scientists looking to develop and clinically validate novel predictive biomarker signatures to drive the demonstration of efficacy and approval of precision medicines. Conversations also started on the European IVDR, with focus on revamping Dx strategy to overcome European challenges in the up-regulation of IVDs to ensure successful co-development, launch and adoption of future drug-Dx products.

Speakers included; kaan Certel, Head, External Innovation Oncology, Sanofi; Caoimhe Vallely-Gilroy, Global Head, Clinical Trials Biosample Management, Merck KGaA; Andreas Stange, Vice President MHS, Global IVD, TÜV SÜD; Mirella Marlow, Programme Director, Devices & Diagnostic Systems, NICE