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Hanson Wade Events bring together those with the passion, know-how and high standing reputation necessary to spur growth in highly specialized industries. Over the course of two days, under one roof, you can expect to hear from and meet the most influential in the space.

Events are an opportunity to showcase and create awareness of how you’re making a difference in your community. Designed with your specific needs in mind, these are the perfect way to connect with those also spearheading change in your field of interest. With collaboration prompted via speed networking & roundtable sessions, we hope conversations continue
beyond the end of the meeting.

Our goal at Hanson Wade is to see you and your businesses thrive. We aim to be your one stop shop for sharp industry insight to help guide your next steps.

No pausing for us…

Throughout these uncertain current times, we remain committed to ensuring you and your community have access to the market leading insight you need – and you can, straight from the comfort of your own home.

February 2021

Bringing together leading expertspractitioners and technical decision makers, this is your opportunity to hear how fluid based biodetection is improving for all circulating biomarkers, including CTCs, ctDNA, cfmiRNA and exosomes.

Joined by the likes of the FDA, Pfizer, BMS, National Cancer Institute and MSKCC, you can gain insights from world-renowned experts on the significant progress being made to escalate the translation of liquid biopsies into clinical programs.

With collaborations crucial to furthering the promise of precision medicine, this community meeting is built to support a whole host of ways you can maintain those touchpoints with like-minded leaders. Utilize the 5+ hours of dedicated networking to share, seek inspirations and best practice from your fellow colleagues to address pipeline challenges.

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