Burning Rock Biotech Engager | Digital Event

Burning Rock

This event ran on Thursday June 10, 2021 | 8:00am PDT | 11:00am EDT

The June Burning Rock Biotech Engager will cover:

Global Trials Involving China & US – Opportunities & Challenges


Welcome to the Burning Rock Biotech Engager, an exclusive event providing leaders in pharma and biotech with opportunities to discuss the key challenges and differences of running global trials in China and US.

With the lack of approved CDx for liquid biopsy and a complex regulatory process in China, it has proven challenging for global biopharma companies to make strategic clinical trial plans as well as to truly vet and select capable partners that can help navigate the end-to-end process of running global clinical trials involving China. Join this Engager to hear some specific examples of challenges, learn how to overcome them and stay ahead of the curve with future landscape changes to maximize your chance of success as you embark on your journey of running global trials involving China and US.


  • Discuss how to successfully include China in your plans for a global trial
  • Deep dive into the challenges to plan for a trial involving China and the solutions to overcome them, as well as timelines that impact decision making
  • Learn the key differences between the US, Asia (China) and EU and explore the different trends and landscape changes looking to the future


Following a Q&A, attendees can connect with key Burning Rock Biotech executives and members to converse and dig deeper into the topics covered throughout the session.


This is an exclusive limited-attendance event for senior executives from Precision Medicine, Translational Medicine, Biomarker & Diagnostics departments of biopharma looking to increase their chance of success when running global trials involving China & US.



Burning Rock Dx specializes in next-generation sequencing diagnostics solutions for precision medicine in oncology. With the unique capability and experience in global trials, we are looking for partnerships to advance the field of companion diagnostics in order to achieve better patient outcomes.