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Your Doorway to More Informed Scientific Decision Making

CDx Engage provides a personalized service to healthcare communities worldwide. Connecting key scientific stakeholders is what we do, so more can benefit from latest ground-breaking research and insight.

Forming the core of healthcare today, is an understanding that individuals require treatments tailored to their specific needs. This understanding is also at the heart of CDx Engage, where we have a dedication to tailoring all offerings to meet the specific needs of scientific communities and our partners.

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Why You Should Join CDx Engage

With the neutrality, industry standing and recognition, and the historical expertise to deliver, CDx Engage is your vehicle for building the connections, collaborations and competitive advantage you need to position and align your company for commercial success.

Via a range of platforms, including our online series, bespoke meetups, masterminds and events,
we deliver clarity to often opaque industries.

Engage is designed to bring value to marketeers by creating moments of opportunity to engage prospects on a year-round basis. Through unrivalled industry insight and dedication to your business needs, Engage is your one stop shop for powering your research and setting you up for commercial success.

“This was an outstanding and constructive meeting, with concrete and useful learnings and networking opportunities for women leaders in precision medicine. There was a notable buzz in the room at the end of the event.”

Vice President & Head of Genome Sciences, Technologies,
Worldwide Research & Development, Pfizer

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