CDx Engage Masterminds



Diving deep into the issues which matter most to your business, work together with industry leaders to achieve common goals in these one-day Masterminds.

CDx Engage is founded on a passion for understanding the complex dynamics of fast-paced, high-growth industries. From performing in-depth market research to building our industry-defining meetings, to the senior connections we’ve established in the past decade, we have know-how to ensure your message is powerful and one which resonates with your target market.

Our capabilities span bespoke research and in-depth industry insight way through to direct consultative business and market advice. CDx Engage utilizes these channels to help you collate, visualize, and distil the information you need most in order to gain the edge that strategic and tactical intelligence offers.

With a one-day stand-alone mastermind, here lies an opportunity for valuable industry insight from those whose opinions and thoughts matter most. From here on, you can make informed business decisions with confident industry backing.