Previous Masterminds

Masterminds are powerful tools for generating leads and for capturing consumer insight. Engage has provided a platform for businesses to find out more about their customers and industry needs. Below are some of the businesses we have helped, and topics covered.

April 2022

The 2nd Biomarker Insights Summit hosted by Ultivue returned in-person to New Orleans this April, to highlight the challenges and opportunities of identifying and validating biomarkers in the immune-oncology arena, and explored how innovative digital pathology insights afforded by multiplex immunofluorescence techniques can provide benefit to clinical trials.

This summit helps you define the new wave of the tissue biomarker industry through exclusive discussions with the movers and shakers, focusing on how evolving digital pathology workflows and the use of multiplex immunofluorescence can improve validation of protein and RNA biomarkers in situ when evaluating clinical utility of compounds of interest, as well as the strategies surrounding the implementation and use of digital pathology, AI and digital image analysis.

November 2021

The Epic Sciences Workshop has been created exclusively to provide an in-depth understanding of how combining different aspects of liquid biopsies (LBx) can improve cancer characterization and diagnosis.

Circulating Tumor Cells (CTCs) have been traditionally counted and analyzed for prognostic purposes, however, advances in protein and genomic techniques have increased the information these cells can provide. Join this workshop to learn how CTCs and associated technologies can provide tumor characterization exceeding that provided by tissue alone.

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September 2021

From single biomarker assays to higher order multiplex assays with predictive algorithms and digital pathology solutions, it is critical to establish technologies that enable biopharma companies to successfully and rapidly improve complex patient selection strategies. Multiplexing is the next generation IHC solution for clinical studies and submissions to global health authorities for therapeutic success.

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This exclusive Labcorp Oncology workshop will discuss the role of genomic- and proteomic-based platforms in enabling more informed and potentially effective therapeutic strategies in clinical development. Join this workshop to discover the benefits of implementing AI-powered digital pathology for clinical trials and its utility in better identifying the target population and data for downstream trial design.

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Providing perspectives from biopharma and translational medical centre leaders, join this Guardant Health workshop to discuss the latest trends in CRC oncology trials and innovative liquid biopsy use cases, and solve outstanding clinical challenges both in early-stage and late-stage disease.

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For the third consecutive year, the Equity, Diversity & Inclusion in Precision Medicine workshop will bring together 200+ global precision medicine decision makers as we continue the movement and drive forward our community’s commitment to ED&I within our teams, functions and wider businesses.

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April 2021

The immunotherapy landscape is seeing an unprecedented level of innovation around tools and drugs, yet collective attrition rates in clinical trials remains high. At the inauguralBiomarker Insights Summit, hosted by Ultivue, unite with fellow stakeholders within the pathology and translational ecosystem to remain at the forefront of innovations for predictable, quantitative and reproducible biomarker assay development and analysis.

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March 2021

Having already ran for 2 years in the United States, the Diversity & Inclusion in Precision Medicine Workshop is dedicated to enabling you to create a thriving workplace culture where all can flourish, regardless of how your employees identify themselves.

Designed with precision medicine leaders and decision makers from European biopharma companies from scientific, HR and D&I backgrounds, attendees walked away with the tools to unlock the potential of their teams, careers and businesses.

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Providing perspectives from leading experts in the field, join this workshop to learn about the benefits of digital collaboration, have a discussion on how it can be used to enhance diagnostic market performance tracking and delve into the advantages of the different collaboration opportunities available on DXRX.

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February 2021

The China commercial and regulatory environment has proven to be one of the most difficult regions in the world. We are seeing that the Chinese precision oncology market is growing exponentially and is projected to reach $40B by 2030.

There is much confusion on best strategy and best practices of how to commercialize a precision oncology therapeutic, how to run clinical trials, and assay reimbursement as well as legality.

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Clinical-translational studies are needed to establish the diagnostic accuracy and clinical utility of liquid biopsy biomarkers. Investigators must fully consider relevant pre-analytical variables, assay sensitivity, bioinformatics considerations as well as the clinical utility of rare event profiling in the context of the normal blood background.

This session will provide an outlook on the clinical disruption brought by LBx and the commercial strategies to impact patient care globally, from BioPharma and Translational Medical Centre perspectives.

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September 2020


The digital Women and Diversity in Precision Medicine event will unite all leaders of the scientific and business community, from pharma, lab, academic and Dx backgrounds to foster collaboration, advocate mentor-ship and derive actionable solutions to help improve inclusion across the industry.

Through illuminating presentations, dynamic panels, interactive working sessions and focused networking, this event will sharpen your leadership skills, facilitate meaningful connections and equip you with the tools and insight to inspire long lasting beneficial changes for your career and business.

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February 2020

The Expanding Role of Liquid Biopsy Across the Continuum
of Drug Development & Patient Care

Monday February 10, 2020

This Guardant workshop provided a clear picture of the end-to-end utility of liquid biopsy testing in drug development. With real world data from thought leaders in drug development, clinical oncology and data science, the opportunities for interaction with an array of expertise were invaluable.

Speakers included; Jean-Francois Martini, Senior Director, Translational Oncology Lead, Global Product Development, Oncology, Pfizer; Melissa Gebhardt, Senior Director, GuardantConnect Oncology Trial & Therapy Global Matching Services, Business Development, Guardant Health; Naveen Kumar, Head, BioPharma Data Business Development, Guardant Health

Liquid Biopsies in Cancer Drug Development and Clinical Use

Monday February 10, 2020

Epic Sciences and their panel of expert speakers hosted this intensive workshop, providing an in-depth look at liquid biopsies and evaluated the current evidence on innovative technologies, including CTC and cfDNA methods. Looking at lessons from the past, anticipating current challenges and looking into the future with "How can liquid biopsy adoption impact patient management strategies and prognosis?" a key debate.

Speakers included; Palani Palaniappan, PhD, CTO, Epic Sciences; Pedram Razavi, PhD, Medical Oncologist, MSKCC; Hakan Sakul, PhD, Vice President & Head, Diagnostics, Pfizer; Christina Bender, PhD, Exploratory Biomarker & Oncology Commercialization Lead, Bristol-Myers Squibb; Bob McCormack, PhD, Independent; Peter Kuhn, MD, PhD Professor, University of Southern California

September 2019

Women In Precision Medicine Workshop

Monday September 9, 2019

The personalized healthcare community is built upon the premise of providing a better standard of care. It’s time to question whether this same standard of care is a priority when it comes to the employees driving this innovative field forward. We have a social responsibility to ramp up advocacy for the creation of a level playing field and move businesses & society towards gender neutrality. The 1st Women in Precision Medicine Workshop brought together lab, Dx and pharma senior leaders who have the influence to adopt change in their organizations.

Speakers included; Natacha Catalino, Senior Organization Expert and Leadership Coach, McKinsey and Company; Kathryn Becker, Global Marketing Director, Companion Diagnostics, Abbott Molecular; Daniel Simon, Senior Vice President, BioPharma Business Development, Guardant Health; Madhu Ghosh, Senior Director, Global Strategic Partnerships, Thermo Fisher Scientific

Liquid Biopsy: Advancing Patient Care, Accelerating Drug Development

Monday September 9, 2019

The cancer care continuum is constantly evolving with liquid biopsy application paving the way for a better standard of patient care. Guardant and their panel of industry expert speakers took a deeper dive into how drug development timelines can be accelerated alongside advancing standard of care via liquid biopsy adoption, with the perspective of multiple stakeholders, from the clinician to the drug developer.

Speakers included; Dr Dejan Juric, Director, Termeer Center for Targeted Therapies & Investigational Cancer Therapeutics Program, MGH Cancer Center; Thereasa Rich, Medical Science Liason, Guardant Health; Omar Perez, Head of Precision Medicine & Diagnostics, GlaxoSmithKline

There Has Got To Be A Better Way! Time to Explore Alternative Models
to CDx Development & Commercialization

Tuesday September 10, 2019

The successful global launch of a CDx test relies upon well informed and timely decision making. By broadening our thinking and considering other strategies, launch inefficiencies can be overcome resulting in accelerated global penetration of your CDx. Diaceutics uncovered how leveraging a global laboratory network can overcome the hurdles in diagnostic testing and streamline your Dx strategy, enabling better informed decisions and driving effective assay commercialization to optimize test adoption.

Speakers included; Ryan Keeling, Chief Innovation Officer, Diaceutics; Mark Roberts, Senior Director, Diagnostics Development, Covance; Dawn McHugh, Vice President, Business Development, Corgenix

Leveraging New Technologies to Speed Precision Medicine Delivery

Tuesday September 10, 2019

Personalized healthcare is continuing to provide exciting new possibilities for transforming patient treatment, with therapies crossing the 40% threshold of FDA approvals in 2018. Important facilitators driving implementation of such therapies include biomarker focused drug development strategies and companion diagnostics. Covance, Emulate, Inc, MI Bioresearch & Diaceutics took a deep dive into today’s Precision Medicine & CDx Landscape.

Speakers included; Steve Anderson, Chief Scientific Officer, Covance; Geraldine Hamilton, PhD, President and CSO, Emulate, Inc.; Gregor Adams, PhD, Director of Scientific Development, MI Bioresearch; Suso Platero, PhD, Head, Biomarker Solution Center, Covance; Ryan Keeling, Chief Innovation Officer, Diaceutics; Lloyd Sanders, President & CEO, Epic Sciences Inc

April 2019

Multiplex Immunohistochemistry for Precision Medicine

Monday April 15, 2019

Multiplexing is revolutionizing biomarker approaches for developing predictive signatures. Coming to the fore is the application of this multi-marker paradigm to tissue-based IHC diagnostics. As the field rapidly evolves, this in-depth workshop discussed the advancement in the utility of mIHC as a powerful precision medicine tool. Abcam and their panel of experts gave an interactive session of presentations, panels and breakout roundtable discussions as they explore the cutting edge of multiplex IHC.

Evolving CDx Landscape – Models, Applications & Therapeutic Areas

Monday April 15, 2019

The diagnostic marketplace is maturing as the biomarker driven precision medicine approach is embedded in the drug development psyche. Of increasing priority is the application of diagnostics in disease areas beyond oncology and the use of advancing technology. Covance and their panel of experts in this interactive workshop, explored the implications of a new era of precision medicine in conjunction with the wider context of a shifting European regulatory environment.

Speakers included; Steve Anderson, CSO, Covance; Cheerag Shirodaria, Vice President & Cardiovascular Global Therapeutic Area Head, Covance; Ryan Keeling, Chief Innovation Officer, Diaceutics; Mark Roberts, Senior Director, Diagnostics Development, Covance; Monika Baehner, PhD, Director, Translational & Innovation Management, Definiens

March 2019

Exploring the Application of Functional Precision Medicine to Improve
Precision Medicine Drug Development & Patient Standard of Care

Saturday March 30, 2019

The inaugural Functional Precision Medicine Summit united the pharma, academia and the clinician community to understand how functional testing can be harnessed as a precision medicine tool to identify patient responders, aid the development of novel therapeutics and inform treatment decision making.

Speakers included; Ned Sharpless, Director, National Cancer Institute; Pamela Becker, Professor of Medicine, University of Washington School of Medicine; Diane Heiser, CTO, Notable Labs; Carla Grandori, CEO, SEngine Precision Medicine; Christopher Kemp, Principal Investigator, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center, Co-Founder, SEngine Precision Medicine & Vice President, SfPM; Anthony Letai, Professor of Medicine, Dana Farber Cancer Institute & President, SfPM

October 2018

New Horizons in Complementary and Companion Diagnostics–
To Neurology and Beyond...

Tuesday 2 October, 2018

Nowhere in healthcare is the economic and human burden as high as it is in rheumatic and neurodegenerative disease. This economic and human burden is such that there is an urgent need for true precision medicine approaches to support the easing of the economic pressures and drive improved patient outcomes. This Asuragen workshop used neurology as an example to illustrate some of the technological, clinical, financial and co-development challenges while seeking to bring potential solutions to the fore.

Speakers included; Gary Latham, SVP of R&D, Asuragen; Matt McManus, CEO, Asuragen

Blood, Sweat & Tears.... The Adoption of Liquid Biopsies

Tuesday 2 October, 2018

The liquid biopsy field is maturing quickly with circulating biomarkers proving their predictive power and the clinician consensus warming to applicability of these tests. ANGLE and their panel of experts explored the tools and realities involved in the adoption of liquid biopsies. Covering some of the challenges that lay ahead in the road to clinical implementation: robust patient stratification for truly targeted therapeutics, standardization of pre-analytical methodologies to drive reproducibility and accuracy of testing, and the maturation of a commercially viable marketplace.

Speakers included; Jeff Allard, President, Lakeside Life Science; Charles Mathews, Principal, Clearview Healthcare; Clive Stanway, Independent Cancer Drug Discovery & Development Advisor; Francisco Velazquez, Former President & Chief Executive Officer, PAML

Development and Commercialization of CDx in the Era of Precision Medicine

Wednesday 3 October, 2018

Covance and their panel of industry expert speakers took a deeper dive into the process from biomarker to commercial drug-Dx product. Benefit from multi-stakeholder perspectives, granular discussion and extended networking as this workshop guides you the through cutting edge biomarker and diagnostic technology updates and provides you a blueprint on developing a global commercial blueprint.

Speakers included; Steve Anderson, CSO, Covance; Jakob Gjørret, MD, Unilabs Denmark; Suso Platero, Head Biomarker Solution Center & Global Leader Precision Medicine, Covance; Mark Roberts, Senior Director, Diagnostics Development, Covance

Addressing Challenges to Implementation of Broad Biomarker Testing in Oncology

Wednesday 3 October, 2018

Bristol-Myers Squibb and their expert panel of speakers discussed Comprehensive Genomic Profiling (CGP) diagnostics. With the real-world application of this testing presenting challenges - improvements to workflow, reporting, and harmonization. Streamlining existing CGP workflows will shorten the duration from biopsy to results - an essential step in advancing the utility of CGP diagnostics.  In addition, as utilization of CGP increases, so will the importance of simplification and standardization of reporting metrics were all key topics of discussion.

May 2018

Operational and Commercial Considerations for CDx – A Rapidly
Evolving Landscape

Tuesday 1 May, 2018

Covance took us on a deeper dive into the strategy behind the commercialisation of drug-CDx products. With multi-stakeholder perspectives, granular discussion and extended networking from the brightest biomarker, precision medicine and diagnostic minds in the field.

Speakers included; Tom Turi, Vice President, Companion Diagnostics, Covance; Tuc Ahmad, Scientific Director, Diagnostic Development, Covance; Jakob Gjørret, CEO, Unilabs