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Next Generation Multiplex Genomic Testing in Liquid Biopsy - From Discovery to Applications

Tuesday February 8, 2022 | 10.30am PT | 1.30pm ET | Running Digitally

Next Generation Multiplex Genomic Testing in Liquid Biopsy - From Discovery to Applications

Over the past years, digital PCR (dPCR) has demonstrated higher sensitivity, specificity, and accuracy compared to other conventional workflow techniques. Recent advances in multiplexing with digital PCR technology have led to further expansion of its applicability in molecular biology and clinical genetics providing researchers with accurate and precise quantification of multiple targets in a single reaction.

The Stilla Technologies Engager has been created as an exclusive invitation-only event to provide academics and biopharma Heads, Directors, and VPs working in Translational Research and Oncology departments with the opportunity to participate in the conversation around the benefits of multiplexing in dPCR and address unmet needs in multiplex testing to improve clinical outcomes.

Join this Engager to learn how multiplexed dPCR can help you take the next step from NGS to routine testing, as well as evaluating current evidence on innovative technologies to improve detection, prognosis, disease monitoring, and drug development.



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Stilla Technologies is the multiplex digital PCR company transforming complex genomic data into actionable insights across a wide range of research and clinical applications including cancer and liquid biopsy studies, cell and gene therapies, infectious disease detection, and food and environmental testing. Stilla’s groundbreaking Crystal Digital PCR™ solution, the naica® system, is the industry’s first digital PCR system featuring six fluorescent channels, providing biomedical researchers and clinicians the highest multiplexing and detection capacity available on the market.

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