Overcoming Challenges of Running Clinical Trials in China & Implications for Global Trials


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Burning Rock Dx

Burning Rock

About the Workshop

The China commercial and regulatory environment has proven to be one of the most difficult regions in the world. We are seeing that the Chinese precision oncology market is growing exponentially and is projected to reach $40B by 2030.

There is much confusion on best strategy and best practices of how to commercialize a precision oncology therapeutic, how to run clinical trials, and assay reimbursement as well as legality.

With significant challenges regarding access to the required data and results, reports from patients in China and Biosample export restrictions are extremely stringent.

Expert Speakers:

Join the Exclusive Workshop to Learn:

  • How to navigate the regulatory environment in China
  • What are the trends? What are the challenges and how can we adapt?
  • How does this fit with Global Trials?
  • How can we help with commercialization/reimbursement/Day 1 assay availability?
  • How can we help get HGRAC/NMPA approval for trials or biomarker work?
  • Data Sharing, HGRAC Approval, Changes to new CDX Indications
  • Clinical Biomarker work and how to get your studies approved

As with all CDx Engage events, these deep-dive workshops are free to attend with places subject to our partner’s final approval.