Practical Solutions of Multiplex Genomic Testing in Liquid Biopsy -
From Discovery to Applications

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Sunday April 10, 2022 | 6:00 pm CST | New Orleans | In-Person Event Only

Practical Solutions of Multiplex Genomic Testing in Liquid Biopsy - From Discovery to Applications

The Stilla Technologies Engager has been created as an exclusive invitation-only event to provide biopharma Directors, Heads and VPs working in Translational Research and Oncology departments with the opportunity to participate in the conversation around the benefits of multiplexing in dPCR.

Join this Engager to learn how multiplexed dPCR can help you take the next step from NGS to routine testing, as well as evaluating current evidence on innovative technologies to improve detection, prognosis, disease monitoring, and drug development.

Far from being a conference or seminar, the idea is to have a structured discussion about the biggest challenges in the liquid biopsy field, before connecting over a few appetizers and drinks!


Matthew Grow

Vice President, Global Marketing & Commercial Operations

Stilla Technologies

Phillipe Mourere

President & Chief Executive Officer

Stilla Technologies

Rémi Dangla

Founder & Chief Technology Officer

Stilla Technologies

Steven Rosen

Scientific Innovation Leader in Healthcare

Wyss Institute, Harvard University


St. James Cheese Company, 641 Tchoupitoulas Street, New Orleans, LA 70130

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The health, safety, and well-being of our community remain our highest priority, therefore, all attendees will be required to complete a health declaration prior to attending the event, as well as comply with New Orleans’ guidelines. For further information about Health and Safety onsite, please visit our FAQs page here.

* Please note, this is subject to change at any time without prior notice.


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Stilla Technologies is a Paris-based European Biotechnology company that focuses on accelerating the development of next-generation genetic tests by providing a ground-breaking and flexible digital PCR (dPCR) solution: the naica® system.

Taking advantage of cutting-edge microfluidic innovations, Stilla® aims to make dPCR a lab commodity in all Life Sciences areas: research, therapeutics, and all the “omics”.

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