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February 2022

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Providing you with an outlook on the clinical disruption in CRC, Lung and Breast Cancer influenced by MRD monitoring, join this Guardant Health workshop to discuss the latest MRD trends showcased by innovative use cases in early-stage disease.

Leveraging latest technological progress in focal amplification detection, the workshop will also delve deep in the uncovering of copy number alterations to enroll patients in relevant biomarker-informed late-stage cancer trials.

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November 2021

The Epic Sciences Workshop has been created exclusively to provide an in-depth understanding of how combining different aspects of liquid biopsies (LBx) can improve cancer characterization and diagnosis.

Circulating Tumor Cells (CTCs) have been traditionally counted and analyzed for prognostic purposes, however, advances in protein and genomic techniques have increased the information these cells can provide. Join this workshop to learn how CTCs and associated technologies can provide tumor characterization exceeding that provided by tissue alone.

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September 2021

From single biomarker assays to higher order multiplex assays with predictive algorithms and digital pathology solutions, it is critical to establish technologies that enable biopharma companies to successfully and rapidly improve complex patient selection strategies. Multiplexing is the next generation IHC solution for clinical studies and submissions to global health authorities for therapeutic success.

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This exclusive Labcorp Oncology workshop will discuss the role of genomic- and proteomic-based platforms in enabling more informed and potentially effective therapeutic strategies in clinical development. Join this workshop to discover the benefits of implementing AI-powered digital pathology for clinical trials and its utility in better identifying the target population and data for downstream trial design.

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Providing perspectives from biopharma and translational medical centre leaders, join this Guardant Health workshop to discuss the latest trends in CRC oncology trials and innovative liquid biopsy use cases, and solve outstanding clinical challenges both in early-stage and late-stage disease.

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For the third consecutive year, the Equity, Diversity & Inclusion in Precision Medicine workshop will bring together 200+ global precision medicine decision makers as we continue the movement and drive forward our community’s commitment to ED&I within our teams, functions and wider businesses.

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