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Blue Pill or Red Pill?

The Importance of Digital Pathology Adoption in Precision Medicine

Eric Glassy, Affiliated Pathologists

Eric Glassy, MD,

FCAP, Medical Director,

Affiliated Pathologists Medical Group

Tuesday, November 10
8am PST | 11am EST


The November Roche CDx News & Brews with Eric Glassy, MD, FCAP, Medical Director, Affiliated Pathologists Medical Group, will cover:

Blue Pill or Red Pill?
The Importance of Digital Pathology Adoption in Precision Medicine

In the groundbreaking movie “The Matrix,” Neo is given a choice: take the red pill and free your mind or take the blue pill and live in blissful ignorance. Those in biopharma and precision medicine realize that it is always better to know the truth. Digitalization unlocks new possibilities for both pathologists and researchers. Current advances in digital pathology will push medicine into ever more personalized, patient-focused treatment protocols. The future of medicine has arrived and it is pixel-based. So grab your morning brew and let’s travel down the rabbit hole of digital and computational pathology.

Key Objectives:  

  • Understand the current impact of digital pathology on personalized medicine
  • Realize the importance of image analysis and artificial intelligence in clinical pathology
  • Explore the promise of digital pathology and how it will impact translational medicine

Following a Q&A with Dr. Glassy, attendees can connect with key Roche executives and members of the Roche CDx team to learn how tailored solutions can support your needs at any stage in a drug development journey.


This is an event for senior executives of innovative biotechs looking to get an overview of digital pathology as a technology, understand why it will become increasingly important and how it can be used early in translational research. This presentation will give a perspective on digital pathology adoption, readiness and implementation in the clinical environment


Eric Glassy, Affiliated Pathologists
Michael Ricers, Roch tissue Diagnostics
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Eric Glassy, MD

FCAP, Medical Director

Affiliated Pathologists Medical Group

Michael Rivers

Lifecycle Leader, Digital Pathology

Roche Tissue Diagnostics

John McAuliffe

Senior Director, CDx Partnering

Roche Molecular Solutions


Eric Glassy Speaker Photo

Dr. Eric F. Glassy is a nationally known speaker on Digital Pathology and the value of Pathology in Clinical Medicine. He is a founding member of Affiliated Pathologists Medical Group, providing information technology support to 40 pathologists from 21 healthcare service centers throughout Southern and Northern California, Oregon, and Arizona. He has chaired a number of CAP committees, including Hematology, Publications, Digital Pathology, Curriculum and Information Technology Leadership. He is a Governor of the CAP and a Trustee of the American Board of Pathology. He is a past president of the Digital Pathology Association. He has edited, authored, and illustrated a number of pathology text books. Dr. Glassy graduated from the University of San Francisco and from UC San Francisco Medical School. He completed his Pathology residency and fellowship at Harbor-UCLA Medical Center. He is Board certified in Anatomic and Clinical Pathology with a specific interest in Hematopathology and Information Technology.