Angela Vasaturo

Angela Vasaturo

Company: Ultivue

Job title: Associate Director Biomarker Strategy and Applications


Dr. Angela Vasaturo is the Associate Director Biomarker Strategy and Applications at Ultivue. Prior to Ultivue, Angela was a Senior Researcher in Dr. Jerome Galon’s Laboratory of Integrative Cancer Immunology at the Cordeliers Research Center. From 2010-2015 Angela was a postdoctoral researcher in the field of Tumor Immunology at the NCMLS in Nijmegen, NL, and was the recipient of an EMBO short-term fellowship, amongst others. In 2012, Angela was among the first postdocs in Europe to be involved in the development of multiplex IHC and multispectral imaging and analysis of up to six immunofluorescence markers, and today is considered a leading European expert in multiplex IHC techniques, multispectral digital pathology, and tissue imaging.


Panel + Q&A: Reaching New Heights by Working Together: How Abcam, Ultivue & Targos Builds Robust Partnership Chain & Support with Pharma from Clinical Trials Through to IVD 12:35 pm

How our commitment to the highest standards in immune-oncology, cancer and neuroscience diagnostics adds value to your work We understand your specific needs and our robust partnership process can help you rapidly advance the key stages of your mIHC from analytical validation to demonstration of clinical utility and all the way through to IVD application…Read more

day: Abcam Webinar Agenda

Presentation: Robust & Seep up Use of mIHC in Clinical Trial Settings 12:15 pm

Overcoming key barriers to large-scale adoption and application of mIHC in clinical settings How pharma can be supported with content, assay development and assay deployment to speed up use of mIHC in clinical trial settings Key takeaways from how pharma is currently employing this technology and where to go nextRead more

day: Abcam Webinar Agenda

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