The Power of Multiplexing in Slide-Based Biomarker Analysis for Precision Medicine

This event ran on Wednesday January 27, 2021 | 8:30am PST | 11:30am EST

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Agilent Technologies


The January Agilent Technologies Engager will cover:

The Power of Multiplexing in Slide-Based Biomarker Analysis for Precision Medicine


Welcome to the Agilent Technologies Engager, an exclusive event providing leaders in academia, pharma and biotech with an opportunity to explore the latest innovations and long-term aspirations of multiplexing for precision medicine.

Providing perspectives from leading experts in the field, join this Engager to gain the latest insights you can take back to your teams about the current state of multiplexing and have a discussion on how multiplexing can be fit into the modern pathology laboratory workflow to increase predictive power of slide-based tissue biomarkers.


  • Realizing the benefits of sample sparing technologies that increase the predictive power of slide-based tissue biomarkers
  • An outlook on near term goals: How to effectively fit these exciting technologies into your modern pathology laboratory workflow and accurately augment known biomarkers
  • Strategizing for long term aspirations: How to successfully work towards developing high content phenotyping that approaches the power of genomic expression profiling


Following a Q&A, attendees can connect with key Agilent Technologies executives and members to learn how tailored solutions can support your needs.



This is an event for senior executives from Precision Medicine, Translational Medicine, Biomarker & Diagnostics departments of biopharmas looking to get an overview of multiplexing techniques, understand why it will become increasingly important and how it can be used for precision medicine. This digital event will bring perspectives from pharma, clinical and digital pathology labs to help understand how multiplexing techniques are currently used and how they can be implemented into your modern pathology laboratory workflow.



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