The Value of Incorporating CTCs Into Clinical Trials – A Paradigm Shift

This event ran on Friday, November 13 | 3pm GMT | 4pm CET | 7am PST | 10am EST

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Join ANGLE for this one-hour webinar focused on exploring the value of incorporating circulating tumor cells (CTCs) into clinical trials.

Dr Evi Lianidou (Professor of Analytical and Clinical Chemistry, University of Athens) will deliver an opening talk, looking at how the value of including CTC analysis into clinical trials has evolved and grown. She will describe how CTC enumeration based on epithelial markers has already proved to be a significant prognostic marker in metastatic breast, prostate and colorectal cancer and will then focus on how teams are looking beyond purely epithelial CTCs to enable access to a wider and possibly more relevant set of CTCs. Furthermore, it will be shown how protein and genetic characterisation of these CTCs can offer huge value to clinical trials. Dr Lianidou will bring the evolving role of CTCs to life with a number of examples and case studies throughout her presentation.

Dr Evi Lianidou

Professor of Analytical Chemistry & Clinical Chemistry at the department of Chemistry - University of Athens

Madeline Repollet

Head of Clinical Laboratories for ANGLE - ANGLE plc

View Evi's & Madeline's full Bios here.

Following Dr Lianidou’s talk, Dr Madeline Repollet (Head of Clinical Laboratories, ANGLE) will be sharing insights from her 20 years of experience of providing CTC analytical services for clinical trials and sharing recommendations to pharma for ensuring a successful service provider relationship and study outcome.

This webinar will wrap up with your chance to have your questions heard in a live and interactive Q&A with both speakers. The webinar is designed to equip you with the expert insight necessary for successfully understanding the benefits of CTC for novel insights in your clinical trial protocol.

Register today for your opportunity to remain up to date on latest advice and lessons learned to prime yourself for CTC analysis excellence.

Expect this webinar to provide you with:

  • Insight into how incorporating analysis of CTCs into your clinical trial can have great value.
  • Expert insight into thinking beyond purely epithelial CTCs (including CTCs with mesenchymal cell characteristics) to enable access to a wider and possibly more relevant set of CTCs.
  • A key opportunity to listen and pose questions on how your research groups can ensure a successful service provider relationship and study outcome.



Dr Evi Lianidou is Professor of Analytical Chemistry and Clinical Chemistry at the department of Chemistry, University of Athens, Greece. Dr Lianidou established and runs a Molecular Diagnostics Laboratory which is ISO-15189 certified for liquid biopsy analysis (in particular Circulating Tumor Cells). A leader in the field, Dr Lianidou is at the forefront of progressing CTCs towards the clinic and is participating in multiple clinical trials to support pharmaceutical companies in the drug development process.

Madeline has more than 20 years of clinical laboratory expertise in the area of oncology and has worked on liquid biopsy circulating tumor cell technologies for 21 years. She was co-developer of the CTC cell definition for CellSearch®.  Dr. Repollet has managed clinical laboratories in Puerto Rico, Minnesota, Pennsylvania, Belgium, The Netherlands and Italy, gaining a broad knowledge on the global clinical laboratory regulatory and quality environment.

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Who is ANGLE?

ANGLE plc is a specialized medical diagnostics company with products in the cancer diagnostics and fetal health markets. ANGLE plc’s lead product, the Parsortix cell separation system, captures very rare cells from blood. This includes circulating tumor cells (CTCs) in cancer patient blood – even when there is less than one CTC per billion healthy cells. The resulting liquid biopsy allows investigation of mutations in the patient’s cancer, and enables precision medicine. ANGLE plc has launched a product for the research market and has secured CE Mark regulatory approval for the clinical market in Europe. The FDA approval process is underway for the clinical market in the US.

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