Tumor-Specific 3D Cell Culture Models for Accurate Testing of Anticancer Agents

This event ran on Wednesday April 21, 2021 | 10:00am PST | 1:00pm EST

Webinar Hosted by
Covance by Labcorp



The high failure rates of new anticancer drugs in clinical trials highlight that the standard cell culture methods used to evaluate new compounds do not faithfully reproduce human biology, and therefore, do not accurately represent the disease process.

Join this webinar to discuss the advantages of a 3D culture approach over traditional methods, with particular emphasis on the importance of tumor microenvironment and tissue-relevant extracellular matrix (ECM) in obtaining accurate drug response data.

In the development of new oncology agents, one of the most important criteria is to determine efficacy and toxicity of compounds advancing into the drug discovery pipeline. Delve deep into how researchers can be empowered to exclude ineffective compounds while selecting agents with a high probability of success in the clinic by virtually joining C-Level leaders, VPs, Heads and Scientists from drug discovery, preclinical and translational oncology departments.



Given the ever-increasing relevance of 3D in vitro models, this is your opportunity to discover how zPREDICTA’s tumor-specific 3D culture platform will more closely mimic in vivo tumor microenvironments, be highly efficient and data rich, and serve as a more relevant tool for multi drug screening prior to final efficacy studies in animal models.



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